10 Ways to Look Good In and Style a Simple T-Shirt

What is ONE piece of clothing that everyone has?? A t-shirt! We don't give them enough credit. Tees have so much potential and we are dedicating this blog to show you how to easily style your tees.

Each style we will give you tips on what materials and size goes best with each look.

1. Print + Graphic + Denim

Find any graphic tee, some bottoms with a print and a denim jacket. Preferably you want the shirt to FIT, doesn't have to be "fitted", but if you naturally wear a medium, find you a medium graphic top for this look.

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2. Color Bottoms + Loose Tee

Find ANY tee, depending on the mood it could be a graphic tee, a simple tee or even a free tee from an expo. You are going to make your point with bottoms. Find a high-waist bottom with a nice color pop and a tee that's one size up. Either tuck it all the way around or do a little side tuck.

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3. Rolled Sleeve. PERIOD.

Now any size will work for this, simply roll your sleeves (NEATLY) 2 - 3 times. The thicker the material the better it will hold.

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4. Under Dress + Sneakers

This will give you that super trendy, super cool, fun girl look. Like, top this outfit with some fun sunnies and everyone will want to be your best friend on this day. You can go for a denim or silky dress, either way, the contrast in texture helps.

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5. XL + Bermuda Shorts + Rolled Sleeves

With this look the we are playing off the dimensions, find you a shirt at least 3 size bigger than your fitted size, some biker/Bermuda shorts and roll them sleeves baby. This is a relaxed look that perfect for when you want to be cute but need no restrictions for the day. This look will work with any kind of shorts/skirt honestly.

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6. Over Dress + Tie Shirt

For this look it's fun to find a dress that's loose fitting with a pattern or texture. the goal is to NOT loose your waist, so take it back to 2005 and tie the top into a crop top. To top off this effortless feminine look roll the sleeves.

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7. Fitted + 360 Tuck + Thin Belt

Now we are really showing off our shape with this look. Find a top that's fitted, some bottoms, like denims and a thin belt, preferably a patterned belt and you have yourself a SIMPLE yet sophisticated look.

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8. XL + Belt

That's it!!! Have you ever heard of a t-shirt dress? This is practically the look you are going for here, just find yourself a cute thin belt and tie it around your waist.

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9. T-Shirt + Jeans + Heels

This is a simple, classic look that will NEVER get old!!! Get a t-shirt that's not too tight and not too loose, any kind of jeans, do a little half/side tuck and top it off with a heel! You can get away with tennis shoes as well!

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10. You got to Cut It!

Oh there are so many ways to cut a shirt, now I'm not referring to the 2007 cut and tie looks I'm talking about something as simple as making it a loose fitting crop top, a sleeveless top or both in one!

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