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Step 3: How to Determine your Style in 3 Fun and Practical Steps

Step 3: How to Determine your Style in 3 Fun and Practical Steps

Have you ever seen someone in the CUTEST outfit and you think to yourself, HOW did they think to put that look together!? The only difference between them and you is that they KNOW their style, they can define it in 3 words or less.

We are going to get you to that point too, keep reading to learn how. 

Now that you have analyzed your lifestyle (step 1) and you know your body type (step 2) you are ready for the fun stuff (step 3)!!!! If you haven't read the previous two blogs, pin it to your Pinterest so you can go back and read them.

The last and final step to curating your perfect wardrobe is to KNOW YOUR STYLE.

Knowing your personal style puts the fun into shopping in store and online! This helps you visualize just how you would rock a certain piece before you even buy it!

When it comes to your personal style it's essential to block out others expectations of you and find YOUR personal look. This is the time to truly let your personality shine so that you make a statement in every room you enter!



Learn your style in 3 practical steps....

  1. Find inspiration: make a Pinterest board and go all out! Pin outfit inspiration, lifestyle inspo, accessories, the whole nine yards, make it fun! Get magazines and make a vision board, find pictures of your favorite celebrities in outfits that you would love to mimic! Scope out your fave fashion influencers on IG and save their outfit posts, check out where they bought their pieces, visualize how you can put your own spin on inspired looks.

  1. Detox your closet: now that you know what you DO like, get rid of things that no longer align with your current style. Let go of those pieces that you’ve never worn, if you loved them they wouldn’t still have tags on them in the back of your closet.

    Those shoes that no longer fit? DONATE THEM! Those items that you love but can no longer fit and no longer fit your lifestyle? Hand them down to a loved one so they can get the same joy from the pieces as you did!

    Also get rid of that dress you’ve pinned, glued and tied together so many times. If it’s broke or holey move on sis, better is coming.

  1. Keep your faves and add new ones: finally, you can look at your closet with a breath of fresh air, you can actually SEE your options and not feel so overwhelmed looking at it.

    As the seasons approach be intentional about adding in pieces that are so YOU. Go back to your Pinterest board and pick out 3-4  pieces that can be added asap to spice up your wardrobe! Look for ways to incorporate your favorites in with your new pieces. 

These three steps make the process of knowing your style fun, easy and affordable!

Take it step by step, at your own pace! Once you're finished you will thank yourself for taking the time to know your style. This will bring your confidence through the roof and allow you to shine!

It is essential to remember, DO NOT rush this process. Seriously. Block out some time each day or over the course of a month and complete steps 1, 2 and 3.

If you have any questions or need help please DM us! We will graciously respond. This process will be fun and you will discover more of who YOU are. 

Lovie you've done it! You’ve learned how to find your personal aesthetic, you’ve learned your body type and you’ve learned how to style yourself incorporating what you’ve learned from all three topics! Step 3/3 now complete! You’ve officially learned How To Curate Your Perfect Wardrobe! No more wasting money and time. No more unnecessary stress. It's your time to shine! 

We hope you enjoyed this 3 part series! If you’d like professional help on curating your perfect wardrobe join Club Noted and a personal stylist will work with you every step of the way!

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