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Step 1: How to find your aesthetic: Attract more of your desires and curate the perfect wardrobe

Step 1: How to find your aesthetic: Attract more of your desires and curate the perfect wardrobe

Have you mastered the art of self expression? Your favorite influencer has, that's why you are so drawn to her.

Well you can attract more of what you want in life too by knowing your aesthetic!

Aesthetic: if you're not sure what that means let us break it down for you!

Aesthetic is defined as the pleasant, positive or artful appearance of a person or a thing. A person's personal aesthetic will shine through all areas of their life from the decor in their home, the way they style their hair, the color pallets they gravitate toward, how they accessorize, the type of car they drive, and so many other areas.

In other words aesthetic is the new trendy word for "style".

We endlessly get feedback from you Noted lovies and we have learned that 100% of you all know what you like when you see it styled. Of that 100, 85% of you aren't so sure about the piece until you see it styled in a certain way, the way that fits your style or taste.

When it comes to your wardrobe and style it is important to curate and reflect the aesthetic that is most authentic and unique to you. Curating your personal aesthetic gives you the ability to boost your confidence no matter what you're wearing and gives you the chance to really highlight your personality! 

Here at Noted we want to help you figure what exactly that means for you. What’s your aesthetic? What is your personal style? Does your wardrobe express the above? Don’t know the answer to these questions? That’s OK.

The journey to finding your personal aesthetic will take A LOT of analyzing your life, however this process can be super fun as you unlock who you truly are AND how you want to show up in the world! Let us help you, start by taking into consideration the following: 

 Analyze your lifestyle. When analyzing your lifestyle it is extremely important to get as detailed as possible, taking into account the parts of your life that you may not even realize play a role in your personal aesthetic. A few questions to help you analyze are below. 

Get your pen and paper and answer the following: 

  1. What's your age? 
  2. What's your environment like (weather/location)? 
  3. What do you typically do in your spare time? 
  4. Any hobbies? (Are you into fitness? Artistic? Spend time in nature?)
  5. What does your profession and/or career like? (Do you typically spend your day in the office? Most of your time spent out in the field? Do you sit all day? Are you constantly on your feet?)
  6. How often do you engage in physical activity? (1-2 times per week? 4-5 times per week?)
  7. When it comes to the social scene what type of events do you typically attend? (A night out with your friends? Midday brunch with the girls?)

The journey of finding your aesthetic will make you double back while shopping and force you to ask yourself, does this piece fit MY look? Does it reflect the aura I want to radiate? Does this show off my personality? These simple questions while shopping in store or online will help you save money and find pieces that truly speak to who you are, and who you want to be seen as!

These questions are just a few to help jumpstart the journey to finding your aesthetic! Finding and curating your personal aesthetic will totally change your life and help to level up your looks! If you’d like a professional Aesthetic evaluation and profile join Styled by Noted!

Once you have an answer for each of the above mentioned then lets move to Step 2: Knowing your Body Shape  part of our How To Curate Your Perfect Wardrobe 3-Part Series. You can stop wasting time and money on pieces that you will never wear once you better understand what’s best for YOU. Wear your clothes confidently knowing that it fits your style and body.

Step 1 of 3 🤍 Stay tuned for this 3 part series as we help you curate your perfect wardrobe! Shop www.styledbynoted.com everything ships FAST!! Check out our blogs for more style inspiration. We give style inspo for all of your Noted pieces.