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Self-love on Display: The Secret to Looking Good no Matter what You Wear

Self-love on Display: The Secret to Looking Good no Matter what You Wear

Did you know that in 2017 NBC found that 85% of people suffer from low self-esteem? With the growing impact of social media, the unrealistically high beauty standards of the world this statistic comes as no surprise. 

Yves Saint Laurent once said “I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” This quote rings true for our theme here at Noted, we aim to help beautiful women allow their beautiful souls to shine through in our pieces.

Yes, appearance is external, but it reflects so much of your internal as well. Take notice of how you dress on days that you feel under the weather, bloated or irritated, you probably aren’t LOOKING your best, because you aren’t FEELING your best. 

On your birthday, vacation and date nights you are dressed to impress because your mood is elevated. You see where we are going here?

An elevated sense of self inside will indeed improve your outward appearance and a de-elevated mood will hinder your appearance.

Here at Noted we want to help you feel and look your very best no matter the occasion. Its not always about what you wear, but how you wear it. 


And don’t think you can trick your mind with nice looking clothes alone. You could have on a $7,000  dress, but if the self-love, self-esteem and confidence is low everyone who sees you will see a $7 you.. 

Have you ever seen someone in pieces that you know aren’t crazy expensive but still think they look absolutely amazing? It's not about how much the clothes cost or who the designer is, it’s all about the confidence and heart of the person under all the fabric. 

It’s very possible to rock designer everything and still look cheap. 

It’s very possible to have the latest, trendiest pieces and still look boring. 

It’s very possible to be extremely comfy and look untrustworthy.

The key is SELF LOVE


Showing yourself love could mean giving yourself 5 extra minutes to get dressed. 

It could be reserving your Saturday night to take extra time on doing your hair before going out. 

It could mean learning how to best wear certain pieces. 

It could mean showering, getting dressed and looking good for your own dag on self! 

When you look in the mirror each morning, ask yourself, what version of myself do I want to show the world today? The sloppy, in a rush bed head version, or the girl who woke up a little earlier so she had time to spend highlighting the best parts of who she wants to be? 

Remind yourself and others daily that you ARE the ISH and don’t forget it, your appearance depends on it. 


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