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How to Tie A Perfect Bow: 4 Simple Steps

How to Tie A Perfect Bow: 4 Simple Steps


An age old saying in the fashion industry is “when in doubt put a bow on it” here at Noted we LOVE a good bow with any outfit, a simple, subtle and sophisticated addition to your outfit. We believe that an outfit is made perfect in the details.

Wondering where bows go in your look? Bow accents can be found on skirts, dresses, belts, fronts and backs of blouses, sleeves, etc. the list goes on and on! Adding a bow to a simple blouse can take a simple outfit to the next level, suitable for a day out running errands or dinner at your favorite five star restaurant. 

Have you ever caught yourself admiring an outfit on a stranger or friend and love the way the details of their outfit sit perfectly? Seen your best friend wearing a wrap shirt that is finished with the perfect bow in back?

At Noted we want to help you perfect the details of your outfit so you can be the one others admire!

It's no shock why we are talking about bows here at Noted, in 2020 the fashion industry saw a resurgence of bows from clothes to accessories, at Noted we love to stay up to date with all the latest trends!

When it comes to tying a bow there are some essential steps to help you come to a perfect finished product!

Get a belt, string or what have you and practice with us. 

Here at Noted we believe all you need is 10 seconds to tie the perfect bow. 

Step 1. Cross the (ribbon/belt/etc.)



Step 2. Make a loop with the bottom string



Step 3. Fold the top string over the front of the loop



Step 4. Pull that same string through the newly formed loop from the back


After completing step 4 you should find yourself with a perfect bow! A simply yet noticeable addition to any outfit!



Try out these steps on your next girls night, date night, etc. and see just how noticeable the details of your outfit become!

Watch this quick video to see the bow tie in action



We hope these tips and tricks help you perfect your bows in all of your outfits! Shop everything ships FAST!!! Check out our blogs for more style inspiration. We give style inspo for all of your Noted pieces.