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How to Style the Noted Pullover: 3 Easy and Stylish Ways

How to Style the Noted Pullover: 3 Easy and Stylish Ways

The average person has 1-2 staple pieces in their closet.
1-2 pieces they can always count on to make them look and feel their best.
1-2 pieces they can dress up for a day out on the town or dress down for more casual nights with friends.

After reading this, what piece in your closet instantly comes to mind? 

Didn’t have any piece in your closet came to mind? Don’t worry, that's what we’re here for. To help you find all the things you never knew you needed, but once you have them in your hands you’ll be shocked you ever lived without them.

What's a staple top everyone should have in their closet? A pullover.

Watch this video and keep reading to see 3 simple and cute ways to style a pullover.


We are going to show you three different ways to style our pullover that are simple, chic and fashion forward!

  1. Oversized - Look 1: an XL (3 sizes up from true to size) wearing an oversized top is so trendy. If you have insecurities about your midsection wearing an oversized top will give you an extra casual look. The oversized look is perfect for a busy day of running errands but still wanting to be cute and fashionable. 
  2. True to size - Look 2: Your true size is classic and chic, you know you can depend on it to easily dress up or down. The Noted pullover tucks in seamlessly. This look is perfect for a casual date night, goes great tucked into a skirt, and can even be dressed up with accessories. 
  3. One size up - Look 3: Wearing a pullover 1 size up gives a loose and effortlessly cute look. You can keep your look comfy and confident with a top that’s 1 size up. We kept it simple and paired it with black denim.

All three of these style inspirations present a different vibe. 

The oversized look is the perfect casual look for the busy girls on the go.

The true to size option can be your go to Friday night on the town look, the right accessories totally change the game when it comes to this look.

And the size up option offers an effortless look perfect for those work from home days that require running a few errands around town.

Test: what's staple top everyone should have in their closet?
A pullover. Specifically the Noted pullover! Our pullover is lightweight, the perfect mix of a sweatshirt and long sleeve tee wrapped into one.

No matter how you style the Noted pullover, you will look chic and stylish all while being comfortable and affordable!

We hope these tips and tricks give you inspiration on how to rock this staple piece! To see more ways to style your Noted pieces join Styled by Noted where we share exclusive looks and style tips.

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