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How to Perfectly Fold a Shirt

How to Perfectly Fold a Shirt


Good House Keeping found that "folding your clothes strategically can also free up serious storage space. Not only will your shelves look as crisp and tidy as the piles in the department stores, but you'll see everything you own at glance."

Every fashionista's favorite thing to do is shop, thats a given. But rarely do we find people who enjoy folding clothes.

The key to perfectly folding a shirt is to do so with intention! The perfect fold may take a minute longer than a simple fold however the outcome is well worth it!

Watch us perfectly fold the Noted Tee!


Take these easy steps to perfectly fold a shirt, it'll help you maximize storage space and create an aesthetically pleasing closet!

First, pull out a t-shirt, any tee will do!

How To Perfectly Fold a Shirt

  1. Free the wrinkles: Shake out and smooth out the wrinkles. If you want to get real advanced grab a lint roller which will smooth the shirt and remove the lint.
  2. Fold in the sleeves only: lay the shirt face down and fold in the sleeves at the seam

  3. Fold the sleeves in halves: fold the sleeves hotdog style

  4. Fold the shirt up in half: at this stage your shirt should look like a column, fold the column from the bottom up
  5. Fold the column up in half again: take your short column and fold it one more time to create a square

    Now look at that perfectly folded shirt!!! Ok, ok, it may not be PERFECT the first time, but keep practicing and every time you will get better. 

    Pro tip: if you're using this folding technique to pack for a trip or utilize minimal storage space fold the shirt from a square one last time to create a flat hotdog.

    We hope this blog helps you look at your folded clothes with a breath of fresh air!

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