How To Calculate the Real Price

You've had your eye on a super cute piece, but you didn't buy it...
Why? Because you didn't think you could afford it. You really wanted it, but it was out of your budget... or was it?
By calculating the real price, you can easily determine if something truly is out of your budget. 
To calculate the real price, simply divide the price by the number of times you'll wear the piece.
For example, if you'll wear a pair of $200 shoes 5 times, then the real price is $40. If you'll wear that $150 bag 38 times, then the real price is $3.94. If you can get 23 wears out of that $50 top then the real price is $2.17.
Don't look at that piece you have your eye on as a one time splurge. Look at it as a self-investment, you may be be able to keep that piece for a life time and get 100's of wears out of it!
Here's an EXTRA TIP:
Consider using an interest free payment service like Sezzle or Afterpay. This way, you can make 4 smaller payments instead of 1 bigger payment. After all, 4 small purchases don't hurt as bad as one big purchase!
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