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5 Reasons Why You Need a Crewneck Year-Around

5 Reasons Why You Need a Crewneck Year-Around

There's some pieces we just can't bare to put away rather it be winter or summer and one of those pieces are crewneck sweatshirts. Be honest, how often do you reach in your closet looking for your favorite crewneck? Especially during quarantine!? We millennials love a good crewneck, we have been rocking with them heavy since the 90s and that's fine. Crewnecks deserve a lot more credit than we give them and here's why...

1. You Can Dress them Up or Down

Along with our beloved t-shirts joggers and jeans, current trends have proven that these once homely pieces can be accepted just as much at church as they can be as quick errand to Walmart.

2. Great Conversation Starter

Have you ever been out and about wearing your college or favorite sports team gear and have a complete stranger spark a conversation with you? That's the power of a good crewneck.

3. It Makes a Great Gift

Think about it, would you be mad if someone gifted you a crewneck? Well NO!!! A crewneck is always right, it's never wrong because these bad boys literally never go out of style. We will most likely be rocking with them until we are all wrinkly and fragile.

4. It's an All Day Hug

We are creatures of habit and since we were developing in our Momma's womb we were warm and cozy. In all of our growness we still long for that warm coziness, that's why we can be found swaddled in a blanket in the middle of summer. Crewnecks cover your body and gives you all of the sweet cozy feels.

5. There's no Right or Wrong Way to Wear Them

There are SOOO sOoOooO soOOoooO many cute ways to rock a Crewneck. And you know what, there's no right or wrong way. Wear it around your shoulders, waist, make it a crop-top, wear it XL or XS, roll the sleeves, tuck it in, I could go on, but you get the point. Check out our 5 Ways to Style a Crewneck with a FUPA and our Youtube 7 Ways to Style a Crewneck to discover some of these styling methods.

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