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3 Ways to Style Denim Shorts

3 Ways to Style Denim Shorts


The essentials, denim shorts. No matter if your going for a casual everyday look, or a night out on the town denim shorts can be styled SEVERAL different ways to reflect exactly what you want to give the world that day!

Everyone needs a good pair of jean shorts because when you feel like putting zero effort into your look these shorts will handle the hard work.

There are SO many benefits of a good pair of jean shorts! The benefit of the Noted jean shorts are:

1. Tummy Flattening ✓ 

2. Trendy high-low design 

3. Elastic Waistband

Check out how we style the Noted denim shorts below!


Three Ways to Style Denim Shorts 

  1. Plain White Bodysuit: This look is perfect for steamy hot days. When you already know you are going to sweat straight through any top. Keep it light, cute and easy breezy with this look. 

    Tip: wearing lighter colors in the summer helps repel the sunlight, hence, making steamy hot days a little less harsh.

  2. White Button Down: You can go so many directions with this look, you can wear long sleeves for a more casual night out, you can keep the buttons open for a super sexy summer look, you can knot the top and create another sexy summer look, crop top style. 

    Tip: A white button down is a closet must have. It's easily underestimated. Once you have one in your closet, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. P.S. If you have one and it's dingy, get yourself a fresh one. 

  3. Simple Tee: This look is a no brainer, you literally cannot go wrong with a tee and denim shorts. Any color, any style.

    Tip: You can dress your tee with sunglasses and a cute hand bag to upgrade your look.

  *BONUS. A dressier top: Jean shorts are known as a casual piece and we tend to pair them with casual tops. Have some fun with your shorts and pair them with a dressier piece like a patterned top and/or a blazer.



We hope this blog inspired you to rock your favorite jean shorts several ways!

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