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3 Benefits of Wearing a Baby Doll Dress

3 Benefits of Wearing a Baby Doll Dress

Let’s address the elephant in the room first, YES we are grown women and YES we are wearing a dress that looks and sounds like it’s made for toddlers. If you can look past those facts you can accept this beloved trend of the babydoll dress. The benefits of this dress are unbelievable, so much so that we are dedicating an entire blog to it.


Listen sister, this dress ain’t telling none of your secrets, you can pig out, hide a pregnancy (wear it as a pregnancy top) and an entire human child in this dress. If you are apart of club FUPA simply find yourself some high waist panties or any supportive underwear and you will feel so invincible in a baby doll dress.


There aren't too many dresses that can convert from a dressy dress to a bathing suit cover-up dress, but baby doll dresses CAN. The material is lightweight and they easily slip on and off. AND you can actually go out in public after leaving the beach or pool and not feel as though your are breaking a dress code violation.


The reason why people loved dresses period is because it’s so effortlessly cute! The baby doll dress adds another layer of easy fashion because it has extra details, a unique shape which actually looks BETTER with flats and sometimes different colors.

Styling Tip: Add a thin belt to show your waist, make it a top or add a brooch to give it a pop.

BONUS: Your Husband Loves it on YOU!!!!!

We surveyed 1 husband, Adrian (owner, Brittany Boone’s husband) and here’s how the conversation went...

Brittany: What’s do you think about the baby doll dress you took a picture of me in last week?

Adrian: I loved it. It looked good on you!

Brittany: Really!? What did you like about it?

Adrian: It just looked really good on you. I liked the colors, the material and it had like a country vibe. It was dope.

Brittany: Ok. I’m quoting you.

Hahahaha it was a set up. He had no clue he was going to added to the blog.

In all we are so happy this blast from the past trend of babydoll dresses have returned. IT screams femininity, minimalism, relaxation and is effortlessly cute!

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